What is Microblading?

Microblading with Shading created by Andrea Pickford in our Warrington based salon

Microblading with Shading created by Andrea Pickford in our Warrington based salon

Hey, how are you? Thanks for dropping by, it’s been a while I know, and I’ve been meaning to write this for ages, so here I am, I’ve eventually got round to answering some of your regularly asked questions, and one of those is ‘What exactly is Microblading?’

So what is all this hype is about this thing called ‘Microblading’ huh?

Well, let me inform you guys and gals.

Microblading, which is also known as eyebrow embroidery, is a form of semi permanent cosmetic tattooing. (The best thing since sliced bread in my opinion).

Are you one of those who over plucked in the 80’s and 90’s? Hands up! (Yes my hands up too), I started to seriously over pluck my eyebrows into those lovely little ‘Nike’ ticks that we so lovingly fashioned in 1995 (the peak of their success) until the follicles of those hairs died and said ‘well she obviously wants ‘Nike’ ticks as eyebrows for life then’. Erm, no no NOOOOO…. I really don’t! But well, it was too late!!!

Yes that’s you too, I hear you say.

Well, I’ll totally let you into my secret! I discovered Microblading around 6 years ago now when it had only really just come onto the scene in the UK, and I thought right, I’ve needed to sort my brows out for ages now, I’m having myself a bit of this Microblading! So off I went (after doing lots of research - very important) I found my artist. Super excited, I didn’t have a clue what to expect, I just knew I was going to have fabulous brows.

The process was slightly uncomfortable for a short while ( I then had a numbing solution applied - ah bliss!), any slight discomfort was so very very worth it. Wow guys, it sounds dramatic but it changed my life, so much so that I wanted to make people feel as amazing as I did and change their lives too, so off I went to train in Microblading!

So my journey began.

I have been Microblading for almost 3 years now and have created hundreds of fabulous brows and (hopefully) changed lives too. The process can sometimes be daunting for some as they really don’t know what to expect but I always like to do a free consultation prior to the appointment so that I can go through what’s involved and how we will achieve your end results and put any concerns you may have, to rest.

So, Microblading is done using a handheld, single use (some are autoclavable, but mine are disposed after use) tool. The blade, so to speak, is not really a blade as you would imagine it, it is actually around 10 small needles, (the size of acupuncture needles) all placed together to form the Microblade. This is dipped into pigment and then a hair stroke is gently scratched into the skin and the pigment is implanted into the epidermis layer of the skin. Prior to the procedure starting, we spend around 45 minutes to an hour accurately mapping out your new brow shape. This is done by using your bone structure, eye placement and the golden ratio to produce your fabulous new brow shape. I get you to check, then double check you are completely happy with the brow mapping and shape, before we do anything, everything we agree on together, nothing is done without your say so!

Happy? We dot the new brow shape on with a surgical marker so not to lose the shape and remove any hair which is sitting outside of our new brow shape. We’re now ready to create those beauties!

The procedure in total (including brow mapping and aftercare) takes around 2-2 1/2 hours depending on which method of Microblading we have decided would be best suited to you.

We offer 3 methods of Microblading, which include, Microblade Hairstroke, Microblading with Shading and Nanoblading (for more info on each method head to our Contact Page and give us a shout http://www.andreapickfordmakeupandbeauty.com/contact/ )

Nanoblading by Andrea Pickford in our Warrington salon

Nanoblading by Andrea Pickford in our Warrington salon

Using the Microblade, individual hairstrokes are created (what we call the first pass). Most artists apply a topical numbing solution. After this has been applied there is minimal discomfort if any at all, just sit back and chill (some even have a snooze - yes really!). The second pass is then done and if your not having shading, you’re very almost done. The brow is saturated with pigment using a small swab and left for 5-10 minutes then wiped off and VOILA, beautiful new brows that will change your life.

How long does Microblading last and is Microblading suited to all skin types?

Another question that I get so regularly asked!

Microblading can last between 1 to 3 years dependant on your skin type, the aftercare you give them, sun exposure and certain factors like hormonal imbalances etc. We always advise a yearly colour boost to maintain them and keep them fresh and crisp, but if you decided against this you would generally be looking at 1 to 3 years.

All skin types are not suited to Microblading, no unfortunately. It’s rare I have to turn someone away but generally very oily skin tends to not hold the pigment very well, and would be better suited to the Machine Method or Permanent Make Up, which will be coming to our salon in January 2019 to include Ombre Machine Method Brows (please message us for more details). Also things like pregnancy and breastfeeding is a big no no with Microblading too. If you are concerned about anything though, please call us.

So what do you reckon? Are you ready for your fabulous new Microblade brows? Our Microblade Clinic is based in Warrington, Cheshire, please call us on 07759320708 to book your free consultation. We would love to answer any question you may have, we’re always here to help!

You can head over to our facebook page www.facebook.com/andreapickfordmakeupandbeauty to read our reviews and check out more of our work and our instagram www.instagram.com/andi_p_mua

Thanks for reading

Much Love Andrea xxx