''No Mother, this is a 'Rural Vintage Festival Style' Wedding''


It was Spring time when my Messenger 'pinged' and Leanne's message came through. After quite a few years of not seeing each other it was so lovely to hear from her and such a great pleasure for me to accept Leanne's request for me to do hers and her bridesmaids hair after she saw one of my posts on our Instagram www.instagram.com/andi_p_mua

Myself and Leanne used to work together as Veterinary Nurses around 12 years ago. I had to follow my calling to be a hair and make up artist but Leanne went on to become one of the very best in her field. I shared Leanne's love for all the injured animals no one wanted and so couldn't wait to meet her collection of 'fur babies' on the morning of her wedding.

Leanne had visited the salon a few weeks earlier for a trial run with her bridal hair. She produced pictures of Ferne Cotton on her own wedding day, with soft Boho waves. I think I would've been disappointed if she hadn't chosen this style as it was so 'Leanne' and what I'd been expecting all along. I hear you questioning 'is it not boring to be so predictable on your wedding day?'. Well, no I don't think so, I think it guarantees you will feel at your most comfortable and there's less worrying about whether you should wear your hair like this or like that because you feel you should look different on your wedding day just for everyone else and not for yourself, be totally true to yourself, that way they'll be no regrets.

On the run up to the wedding, Leanne graced us with her presence on a few occasions, which of course was an absolute delight, and we were excited to get the wedding prep underway. The first treatment under Leanne's belt was a Crystal Clear facial to remove those dead surface skin cells and reveal glowing skin, perfect for getting her skin ready for smooth and flawless make up application.    We were then treated to a mother and daughter visit just a couple of days prior to the wedding and what a pleasure it was to spoil them both and to hear about 'the stress' that was yet to come with dressing the venue, Dunham Massey Village Hall, on the Friday afternoon. 

We applied NSI Balance Gel to Leanne's nails so we could give them a bit of length by sculpting the gel on and then topped them off with the perfect bridal colour of the CND Shellac range 'Naked Naivete'. Leanne's mum was by this point totally relaxed after having her manicure that all the stress Leanne was throwing at her were just bouncing off her like water off a ducks back, ahhhh whatever Leanne!!! It was quite amusing to watch :)

The morning of the wedding was a warm and sunny one and as I knocked on the door I heard Leanne shout something to someone. I was surprised to see that Nathan was still there ''OMG what are you still doing here?'' Being the trendy and modern day couple that they are, as I stepped through the door I was able to meet the two main men in Leanne's life. Hubby to be was still there frantically running around trying to pack the last bits into Finn's baby bag before leaving to go and get ready at his mums, and Finn was hiding from me behind his mums legs. He reluctantly gave this strange lady he'd never met before a kiss and a 'high five' then happily went off with his daddy so mummy could chill and start with all the prep.


So from Finn hiding behind his mums legs I stepped into the conservatory to find a cat so tightly squished into the corner of the room trying to avoid eye contact with me, I shouted, 'Leanne, this cat's so far up the wall I'm worried!' the reply was ' Oh that's just Biscuit Baby, he's a little weird!'  A little? Bless him, and only Leanne could insist he has to be called by his full name, not Biscuit, but Biscuit Baby, love it!  It was clear our lovely Leanne had been rescuing the fur babies no one else would take, she's a special one, this one!


It started to get busier as I unpacked my hair kit, bridesmaids Holly and Millie arrived along with the cutest little flower girl Hebe. I loved creating the bridesmaids loose waves which I did with a curling wand, and then plaited from the front to the back and finished off with the most stunning dried flower comb I've ever seen which were designed and made by www.folkydokey.co.uk.

Bridesmaid gifts were lovingly given, including little treats like Jo Malone fragrant soaps www.jomalone.co.uk and Charlotte Tilbury palettes www.charlottetilbury.com.                            You could see Leanne's bridesmaids had been carefully chosen, Holly has been Leanne's best friend for many years and Millie was soon to be Leanne's new baby sister, the love for them both was a special one!

Dan Hough soon arrived to start the very important job of capturing this very special day with his magical skills of photography (this guy can seriously do his job!). After 10 years of being in the bridal hair and make up industry, you'll find I'm always eyeing the photographer to see if I've worked with them before, and it was definite myself and Dan recognised each other, and it was made clear when we checked our Facebook to realise we had both previously 'liked' each others business pages www.facebook.com/danhoughphoto and www.facebook.com/andreapickfordmakeupandbeauty

As the morning progressed more and more people began to arrive, and further up the wall Biscuit Baby went until he decided to go and seek refuge in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Mum, dad, and sister along with friends who had kindly offered to video every special moment of Leanne and Nathan's day, began piling in and suddenly everything started to become real.


The flowers soon arrived and what a beautiful sight they were, again exactly what I would expect Leanne to have but I would never have been able to imagine the pure beauty of how they had been so carefully chosen and put together to create something that was 'so Leanne'. The special eye for detail was outstanding. The talents belong to Charlie's Flower Boutique of Rixton in Warrington, Cheshire.


It was such a pleasure to to see such excitement from everyone that had just arrived, especially Leanne's mum and dad. They had arrived with bunches of roses, red, orange and yellow. Leanne had decided that she wanted to use cream petals as confetti but there just wasn't enough, so a quick call to mum and dad as they were on route solved the problem. They weren't able to get the cream roses but as you can see from the picture the colours of red, orange and yellow complimented the wedding theme perfectly. Talking about wedding themes, when Leanne's mum arrived she continued to comment (to Leanne's dismay) that the wedding was very 'Shabby Chic' (how very dare she!!!), Leanne was quick to correct her 'No Mother, this is a 'Rural Vintage Festival Style' wedding'', I bloody love it, I've never heard of it before, but I love it!


Finally Leanne took her turn in the hot seat of hair magic, the make up had been completed by Leanne's bridesmaid and soon to be sister in law Millie, and the finishing touches to her hair were now underway.


My favourite moment of all was the big reveal of Leanne's flower crown by www.folkydokey.co.uk, it was truly stunning. A fresh flower crown had also been made by www.charliesflowerboutique.co.uk for gorgeous little flowergirl Hebe, who had been so well behaved all morning, maybe except for the moment we found her spoldging her cheeks with blusher, too cute!!!


Leanne's flower crown was placed and the butterflies began, it was time for all the girls to head upstairs to get changed.                                                                                                            Leanne's dress had been lovingly and expertly designed by Kate Beaumont www.kate-beaumont.co.uk, with a V neckline both at the front and back and finished with a beautiful row of pearl buttons, a true representation of Leanne's style.                                                        


The bridesmaids stunning 'vintage' style sage dresses were from the one and only www.asos.com, it still surprises me at weddings when the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses are almost always from Asos, it just shows you don't need to worry about spending an arm and a leg on all those bridesmaid dresses after all! Hebe's pretty flowergirl dress was from uk.monsoon.co.uk.


This is where I departed, kisses and well wishes were given to a very stunning and very 'rural vintage festival style' bride. The transport would soon be arriving in the form of Leanne's bosses VW Camper Van, obviously there's no other way to travel.


Leanne and Nathan were married at St.Margaret's Church in Orford, Warrington and then they all headed to Dunham Massey Village Hall for lots of drinks, food, fun and dancing in a big red bus.


I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at Leanne and Nathans wedding pictures which were so creatively taken by www.danhoughphoto.com, his style of photography totally complimented the wedding and he captured every moment as it was, you can see the love from everyone, the joys of the day, and what can only be described as true love between two beautiful souls!


Comments on this blog would be very much welcomed, cheers chucks :)